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Creativity isn't hindered by your means, but by your inability to see the possibilities

This is my daily struggle
Doodles from today. #sketchbook #illustration #doodle #peoplesketches #sketchingpeople
The one on the left was with a harder pen brush on the right was the pocket brush by pentel. Messing around with different line qualities still working #illustration #sketchbook #concept #doodle
Doodling and coloring with some crayola crayons before bed. Goodnight guys ;) this semester is almost over!!! #sketchbook #illustration #doodle
Some character design doodles, forcing myself to do some portfolio stuff. Doing larger ideas then narrowing down #illustration #sketchbook #doodle
Describe my art style to me


I dont usually do these, but im pretty curious, considering I have difficulty describing/defining my own style.

WUT! Coincidence, was just thinking about this today ;P guys. tell me. I NEED TO KNOW. *flaps around*

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Doodles before bed goodnight guys ;) #sketchbook #illustration #atgaa
Doodles from today #sketchbook #illustration #ATGAA #astronaut
Doodling, wanted to draw something different but came out as a goblin doing taxes. #sketchbook #illustration #doodle #goblin goodnight guys :)
More concept! I’m thinking their ship will slowly grow with them. And yes that is a tree house! I’m thinking this takes place after the earth has been sucked up by a wormhole and spat out into pieces. So debris from earth float around in the far reaches of space and they kind of tether pieces to the ship as they come across them. Yep. #ATGAA #allthegodsareastronauts #concept #illustration #sketchbook
Some concept art for a comic that’s been milling in my head for a long time. It’s called - all the gods are astronauts. I think this summer I’d really like to take a stab at it even though I don’t really like how my art looks yet. I think that’s why I’ve been too scared to start things because I don’t think I’m good enough. But I don’t think, for myself, that I’ll ever reach that point where I would feel satisfied. So I might as well start! Tell you guys more about it as I progress, goodnight Instagram and tumblr ~<3 #sketchbook #allthegodsareastronauts #ATGAA
I’m doing my weird Pokemon doodles again. Yep. Now time to write an essay 😲 #pokemon #fanart #sketchbook #illustration
Also for you tumblr peoples, here’s a link to the youtube video, just yeah. It’s a pretty good practice for me coz I can watch myself work and see how I can improve. Yep.
yeah check it out if you’re curious about my weird process, total time for this guy was about 15 mins, from sketch to inking. 
Guys did a YouTube video thing for this drawing from sketch to inking #sketchbook #illustration search thesunnygo on YouTube
Working on backgrounds and stuff. I don’t think I can live without this pen #pentelpocketbrush if you guys have time check out some videos and see if it’s your cup of tea. It gives a great range of line in one pen. #sketchbook #illustration
Drawing random crap again before bed. Goodnight all #sketchbook #illustration astronomy homework is kicking my rear. #lesigh
Did a quick doodle before bed, have to catch up with homework still :( sorry guys I will definitely reply to comments soon #chick #illustration #sketchbook #pentelpocketbrush is the friggin best thing.. I’m dying