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Creativity isn't hindered by your means, but by your inability to see the possibilities -- This is my daily struggle

Doodled @withapencilinhand his selfies are always pure gold. But that’s not all!!! His work is amazing!! just follow this guy all his stuff inspires me so friggin much it’s insane. #sketchbook #illustration
Hey guys! Some people wanted a coloring book so I’m thinking will go and do that. I’m starting a kickstarter thing soon and one of the tiers will probs be a digital coloring book. Tell me what you guys think ;) #illustration #sketchbook
Was doodling today. Here we are. I don’t even know lol #sketchbook #illustration back to homework XD
I’m supposed to be studying about the reformation. Instead I’m drawing sailormoon. I am so close to being done with school!! But it’s so hard to concentrate :(
Doodling some #sailormoon happy afternoon!! #sketchbook #illustration
Doodling between homework and listening to the KH 2 ost. Happy Monday! #illustration #sketchbook
At a family friends birthday party sketching more of this guy. He’s fun to draw!! #sketchbook #illustration #doodle
Doodling between the bartkira page work and homework. I find that I can do more work when I jump between different stuff. Hope you guys are having an awesome Saturday! #sketchbook #doodle #illustration
I think I’m done? Might touch it up here and there but when I’m completely done will upload it on tumblr. Happy Friday afternoon guys :3 #sketchbook #illustration
I worked on her a little but I’m so sleepy. Goodnight everybody! #illustration #sketchbook
#wip before bed, barely made the submission for today’s homework.  I’m so pooped. Goodnight guys. #illustration #sketchbook #midnightmadness
Doodling with some #noodlers ink, dragons napalm if anyone is curious (it’s my all time favorite ink) but I’m falling asleep. Today’s been pretty long but got a lot of cleaning and organizing done in the office. Gotta work on homework tomorrow :( goodnight guys. #illustration #sketchbook
Trying to loosen up even more and learning to play. I could maybe do an entire series of these blob things. Meh. Goodnight guys! #illustration #sketchbook
#sketchdailies #unclesam this was fun! I’ve wanted to take part in this forever. I’m glad I finally got something XD happy Sunday everyone! #sketchbook #illustration

for COMIC BOOK MAKERS presents
the comicsworkbook COMPOSITION COMPETITION 2014
1st place  - $500 cash prize to the winner
2nd place - $250 credit at Copacetic Comics 
3rd place  - $100 credit at Copacetic Comics
There will also be 4 Honorable Mention awards of $50 credit each from the great people at Big Planet Comics.
Create a 16 page signature comic book narrative to the specifications outlined in my Correspondence Course for Comic Book Makers. (see below)
Say what?
Ok, ok, here’s the deal. Now that the Xeric grant no longer exists - there aren’t many institutions that offer cash rewards for making a great comic. Hell, even if you get a publishing deal in comics you aren’t guaranteed a cash reward. So, my online school, THE SANTORO CORRESPONDENCE COURSE for COMIC BOOK MAKERS  last year inaugurated an annual COMPOSITION COMPETITION to promote, well, competition amongst makers. This community - the small press comicbookmakers community - is sorely in need of a quest, a challenge, something to aim for on the calendar - like the Xeric grant deadline used provide. So I’m doing it. $500 bucks to the best 16 page signature comic book. Deadline is September 15th - which is the day after SPX . 
Enough people know now that for my Correspondence Course I make all students use a grid to tell their story. I feel that using the grid is an essential step in understanding TIMING in making comic books. If you wanna play like Coltrane, you gotta learn your scales first. You gotta learn the rules before you can break the rules. And even if you are a master this is still a solid way to make comic books. Ask Jaime Hernandez.
Here are the specs: 
11 x 14 inch originals with a 10 x 13 inch live area. Eight (landscape oriented) panel grids for each page. No exceptions. Each panel will be 3.25 x 5 inches. Work may be in color OR black and white - OR - a combination of both. 
International students must use the same specs. No complaining.
Thats 14 pages of story plus two covers. Meaning seven spreads and a front and back cover. A 16 page signature. 
THE STORY MUST BE COMPLETE. SERIAL INSTALLMENTS of a longer narrative ARE NOT ELIGIBLE. Consider this an exercise in short story writing. I think the 16 page signature is ideal to contain a short story.
Photograph or scan your pages and post them on your tumblr AS SPREADS. If you don’t have a tumblr - make one just for this contest. No exceptions! No complaining! Also post the front cover as the lead image and the back cover as the final image. Follow this example by former student of mine and comicsworkbook star Andrew White. (link)
ALSO - please see last year’s round up on how to format your entry. 
Email me - santoroschoolATgmailDOTcom - that you have posted your entry to your tumblr - complete with your name and title of the work in the text field LIKE THIS EXAMPLE - and I will reblog it on to the comicsworkbook site. I will be posting them - reblogging them - on comicsworkbook as they come in. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I will, however, only be posting stories that stick to the RULES. If you don’t follow the rules, I will not reblog the story and you won’t be eligible for the cash prize.
comicsworkbook has over 15,000 followers now - so in theory just entering will help get your work seen and your name out there.
Any questions about the competition - please email me.
Competition is open to all. You do not have to be a former student of mine. Former students of mine ARE eligible to compete - however you must make a NEW 16 page signature. The signature that you made (or started but did not complete) for the course will not be eligible. 
Again, If you have any questions about the rules please ask. Better to ask and be safe than to be mad when I disqualify you over some missed detail. Seriously. Remember - 8 landscape oriented panels of 3.25 x 5 inches each -arranged in a grid - on a 11 x 14 inch page with a 10 x 13 live area. 14 pages - or 7 spreads. One front cover. One back cover. Check out the photo at the top of this post - and again check out Andrew White’s example on how to format your entry.
AGAIN - please see last year’s round up on how to format your entry.
******also I STRONGLY suggest that you also post hi res files of your entry on your website and include a link on your tumblr post. Many people complained last year about the difficulty of reading comics formatted as spreads on Tumblr. So please consider posting an easier to read version of your comic on another platform.
Remember! Email me - santoroschoolATgmailDOTcom - that you have posted your entry to your tumblr - I will reblog it.
You may enter as a writer/artist duo.
DEADLINE is Monday September 15th at 11:59 pm EST
Winners will be announced on Saturday Sept 23rd at noon EST
please reblog this announcement
"I was thinking about entering and had a couple of questions. Sorry if the answer to these is super obvious, but I just wanted to make sure! In the template you posted, there aren’t any gutters between the panels; does the comic need to be set up that exact same way, or can it have a bit of a gap in between some of the panels like in the Andrew White example? I noticed some of the panels butt up against each other and some don’t; I think this might cause the panel size vary a tiny bit, so I wanted to know if that would be cool. One last question, this is real media only, correct? No digital art?”
ANSWER: You can have gutters - and you can work digitally. However I still want you to draw it at 11 x 14 - don’t draw large and shrink it down - ideally you are drawing panels that are roughly 3.25 x 5 inches on the screen…

Guys! This is an amazing opportunity! Check it out!!