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Creativity isn't hindered by your means, but by your inability to see the possibilities -- This is my daily struggle

Cover of my new mini! Will post on tumblr soon ;) #minicomic #comics #art
Doodling today. Maxing and relaxing ;) recuperating from this year!!! Have you guys heard about the whole Zoe Quinn fiasco? What are your thoughts? It’s really entertaining for me. #sketchbook #illustration
Got this cool new pen today :3 to celebrate finishing my last summer class! Yaaaay! But still sad on the inside because of Robin Williams #emotions #illustration #sketchbook
Robin Williams, you magnificent man, I will miss you dearly forever…
Doodling :3 Hey finn! Hey jake! ❤️ #sketchbook #illustration #adventuretime #fanart
#wip doodling, writing an essay about how people’s perspective of religious imagery shifted, particularly with the sacred and it’s commodification during the later half of the 20th century. #sketchbook #illustration
Doodling before bed. It’s 2.30am I just needed to draw something. Goodnight guys! Or good morning or afternoon lol wherever you are from <3 #sketchbook #illustration
Doodling again on breaks. I can’t wait to be done with this class :( #illustration #sketchbook
Another one :P I feel like this right now. Waiting to hear back from a job test I did over the weekend. I’m so anxious. #stressed #sketchbook #illustration
Doodling again between homework. I don’t want to do anymore homework :( #illustration #sketchbook
Sorry been away awhile guys. Had a job test thing I had to do, and homework just kinda piled up. Anyway here’s an update of the bartkira page I’ve been doing during my breaks. Hope you guys have been doing well :3 #comics #bartkira
Doodled @withapencilinhand his selfies are always pure gold. But that’s not all!!! His work is amazing!! just follow this guy all his stuff inspires me so friggin much it’s insane. #sketchbook #illustration
Hey guys! Some people wanted a coloring book so I’m thinking will go and do that. I’m starting a kickstarter thing soon and one of the tiers will probs be a digital coloring book. Tell me what you guys think ;) #illustration #sketchbook
Was doodling today. Here we are. I don’t even know lol #sketchbook #illustration back to homework XD
I’m supposed to be studying about the reformation. Instead I’m drawing sailormoon. I am so close to being done with school!! But it’s so hard to concentrate :(